Space Clearing Testimonials

...'Thank you for the clearing you did.  The house feels so much lighter and I believe it is happy.  And I personally feel much calmer and more ready to "go with the flow".'

Carolyn Trickey-Bapty - Ontario Canada

'Thank you so very much for checking the land here and for your wonderful energy work!

I must say, things feel different now –

So far, I have felt a clearer, brighter sense of the land here - and a good feeling of more empty space - whereas before, it felt almost cramped or full of heavy old emotional energies and unsettled feelings - also, an almost scary or haunted feeling.

I have felt the presence of old Native American Indian spirits - actually, felt a lot of their grief and emotions from the souls who weren't crossing over to the Light yet......I feel many have left since you have worked with them.    Many thanks!!!!!

It feels like some old energies have left, for sure....... There is a feeling of more peace and quietness.

Many Thank Yous and much gratitude for your work.' 

Claire - MA, USA

...'Just want to thank you for the services you recently provided me.  Many wonderful things have happened since you were at my home.  It is obvious that you are very gifted in what you are being called to do.'

Silvia - ON, CANADA

Feng Shui for the HOME Testimonials

...'How fortunate we were to have found Debra Jones when we were embarking on selling our large country home .  Debra looked at every aspect of the home, from colors to quadrants to furniture placement.  Applying feng shui principles, Debra recommended changing the paint colours in our dining and living rooms, moved furniture around, conducted a house clearing which included dousing and smudging, and explained why we had (curiously) never felt comfortable in that home before.  Our “newly enhanced” home sold within a month with only one viewing.

We called upon Debra again as soon as we had moved into our new house.  She was instrumental in helping us turn a much smaller home into one that is not only comfortable, but has great energy.  And part of that energy has been channeled into increasing the revenue of our home-based business, which we have managed with noticeably less effort, leaving more time for relaxation and shared interests.

Debra’s highly developed skill as a geomancer and feng shui practitioner have helped us personally and professionally in so many ways.  With her deep wisdom, sense of aesthetics, and gentle nature, she has addressed our concerns, been sensitive to our needs, and encouraged us to take risks without imposing anything upon us.  She clearly explained the reasoning behind her recommendations, then empowered us in a decision-making process that was both positive and engaging.

Debra’s warmth, calm temperament, and quiet sense of humour made a potentially stressful experience one that we eagerly anticipated and greatly enjoyed.  Thank you so much Debra, for your kindness, and for your many gifts that keep on giving.’

Louise Dorfman & David Rubinstein - Hockley, Ontario

...'You assisted me in my apartment when I was having money problems, relationships were little or non existent.  You made many suggestions to improve the Chi in my apartment which I immediately began to adjust...Within 2 months my relationships improved and I received not only one raise but, two, at a company that I truly love to work for.

A gentleman that I have known for several years started to let me know that he was romantically interested.  This change has resulted in my becoming engaged, my job has allowed me to expand in areas that I felt unattainable. 

In August I purchased a home with my fiancé and we are planning to be married the end of this year or early next.

My luck was even further improved by winning $100,000.00 in a lottery.....'

Evelyn- ON, Canada

Feng Shui for BUSINESS Testimonials

  ...'Five years ago Debra Feng Shui'ed my first office.  We grew out of that office within two years and with Debra's assistance, found the second office which she Feng Shui'ed.  Now, ten years later in business, we continue to grow nationally and we have attracted an abundance of good fortune!!!  Thanks again to another successful year.  I look forward to many more!'

Soula Pereira B. Kin, President - Assessment Rehabilitation Services Inc.,- ON, Canada