What is a Supermoon?

It’s when a new or full moon is closest to Earth, appearing larger than usual. 

It affects tide levels by making them higher.


2017 will have 4 supermoons

April 26th New Moon

May 25th New Moon (the closest supermoon of the year)

June 23rd New Moon

Dec 3rd Full Moon

– plus the full moons on January 2 and 31, 2018 will be supermoons, creating three successive full moon supermoons!

How will it affect me?

Believe it or not, the moon affects your life. Life is a series of experiences and patterns that correlate with the patterns of the moon's cycle. The moon affects the tides with a pull on the water. Our bodies are 70% water and so the moon affects us, and a SUPERMOON - even more!

First - Some Facts About The Moon's Cycle

The NEW Moon is called the dark moon as it appears dark, or invisible, in the sky. As the days go by, the sliver of the crescent moon is WAXING, getting larger and larger, until the moon is viewed in it's entirety as a FULL Moon. Then, it is described as WANING, or decreasing in size in stages until it appears again, the following month, as a dark moon - and the cycle continues...

In nature, the NEW MOON is the time for NEW BEGINNINGS, to plant seeds of intention for what you want to grow in your life. Setting conscious intentions during the energy of the New Moon is a common custom as it is said that, as the moon grows, your intention will too, by the time the moon completes it's cycle back to New Moon.

How The Moon's Cycle Affects Us - We're All Lunatics!

The lunar cycle controls the tides because the phase of the moon determines the gravitational pull on water. Women's menstrual cycle is often aligned to the moon cycle. Less well known, the moon is also linked to the electro-chemistry of the brain. Science has documented more seizures in the already unstable brain chemistry of epileptic patients around the Full Moon. For those of us with more stable brain chemistry, we are still likely to be afflicted with some type of lunacy at this stage of the moon's cycle.

Can The Moon Affect Your Sleep?

People are starting to relate to the effects of the moon on sleep patterns – finding it harder to get to sleep and remain asleep when the moon is full, whether or not the moonlight is visible from their bed. The most powerful effects of the New and Full moons are during eclipses, so pay attention to your experiences then.