Space Clearing 

Clears and balances the unseen energies of your personal surroundings that influence the quality of your life.

Everything that happens in a building becomes imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects.  Along with your own imprints, there are those from previous occupants. 

These old residues of energy have an effect on you, possibly causing you to feel or act differently, affecting your health or energy levels, or making you feel stuck, unhappy or unsettled. They can make you feel like you're constantly pushing against the flow and unable to resolve difficulties.

The imprints accumulate on a daily basis in the same way that dust and cobwebs accumulate physically. They make the atmosphere stale and dull.


Space Clearing releases these imprinted layers of energy 
and infuses a new vibrancy that supports the many dimensions of your life.

It allows your home or workplace to support you in: 

    • moving forward with clarity and purpose
    • sustaining your vitality
    • your general well-being
    • a sense of ease and fulfillment

Space Clearing transforms the atmosphere of the space, 
making it comfortable, welcoming and uplifting.  

The uplifting quality of Space Clearing also helps to provide an experience of greater personal perspective and meaning – uplifting your spirit, and supporting your higher self.

Distance Space Clearing

We arrange a day and time

You may in in the location while it's being cleared but it's not necessary

I'll email my findings

$99 + HST

On-Site Space Clearing
ONLY available in Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada.
From $200

 Benefits of Space Clearing

  • Space Clearing is helpful if your life isn't working well, if you feel stuck, unhappy or unsettled, or if you have difficulties with your relationships, health, work or finances
  • Excellent if you're tired, depressed or stressed, or if you just want some extra sparkle. It's great for giving yourself a boost and getting your life on track
  • Ideal at times of transition to provide a firm foundation for positive change, such as a new relationship, new job or new baby
  • Essential for therapy rooms, to support the client's healing process and prevent therapist's burnout

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  • It's also beneficial to Space Clear if you are selling your home, if you've just moved into a new home, or if you've lived there for many years but never felt ‘at home’
  • It's ideal for your workplace, to support a successful and happy work-life
  • Space Clearing within conference or concert venues helps to enhance the quality of meetings, workshops, and performances
  • Space Clearing is suitable for any building space that has walls and a roof, however large or small. It has no religious connection, and is suitable for people from all cultures, any or no religious background, and all walks of life