What happens in a Space Clearing session?

An ancient Indian smudging ceremony is performed.  

I use a Smudge stick, made from herbs, that emits smoke; 

once lit, the smoke moves the energy out. 

Different herbs are dedicated to different energy, so I choose what I need and use them together to clear the negative energy and bring in the positive energy.  


A clearing technique using Tingsha bells may also be used.

An ancient Inca Shaman ‘four winds’ ceremony is performed to energetically protect the space.  A refined and buoyant new energy is anchored into the space, which supports personal energy, nurturing aspirations and creating the potential for healing and personal insights to occur.

Afterwards people report feeling inspired and empowered, describing it as a fascinating and revitalizing experience that marked a significant turning point for them.


A geopathic stress assessment is made and negative earth energies, EMFs, technological and metaphysical energies are identified and are cleared, stabilized or shielded.

Environmental Harmonizing adds light energy to the environment and all physical matter within a 200 feet radius. The laws of physics dictate that the higher energy eliminates or pushes away the lower waves of energy creating harmony within the area it is applied to.