moon cycles


Harness the power of the New Moon in manifesting your desires.

Once known as New Moon WISHES, we grew and evolved and we realize that by definition, the word WISH does not align with our advanced power to create our own reality.  

To WISH means to 'Feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.'

To INTEND, however, means to 'Have (a course of action) as one's purpose or objective; plan'

The word INTENTION assumes the outcome will be attained.

How to Make New Moon Intentions

  1. HAND-WRITE your intentions on paper the day of the New Moon
    You can write up to 10 intentions (more than that disperses the energy) but write more than one, even if your second and third intentions involve the same issue, approach it from different angles.
  2. Use your INTUITION
    When making intentions, trust yourself and tune into where your energy resonates.  The idea is to be in touch with what you would really like to have happen and what feels appropriate to you.  For best results, use your intuition - what you feel drawn to intend - not what you logically think you ‘should’ intend. 
  3.  State it PRECISELY
    The wording of the intentions is very important - they must be clearly stated so that the feeling behind them comes through the words.  If, after you’ve written an intention, it feels right to you and evokes a feeling of harmony and happiness, your intention is on target.  However, if it doesn't feel right, change the wording or wait for a different time to make that intention.
  4. Allow it to MANIFEST
    After you've made your list, keep it - don't throw it away.  Take a moment to evoke the feeling that you would feel, once your intentions have manifested, then release attachment to them by saying “For the good of all, or not at all!”. 

Philosopher Dr. Wayne Dyer explains this best in his quote:

Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality.  Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting.  If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, it will germinate in the physical world.”