New Moon Magic

The New Moon is the start of a new life cycle - a time to initiate things, to begin new projects.

The magic of the New Moon is that for one day each month, the Sun and the Moon are on the same page.  Both the Sun and the Moon work together to determine how wants and needs can be merged, how the subconscious and conscious minds can work together.  Every New Moon is an opportunity to direct our destiny and what better way than to create a ritual to support that destiny.

A ritual is simply a well-defined sequence of words and/or actions designed to focus attention, establish significance, and achieve a beneficial result. Try it for yourself:

Direct Your Destiny with the NEW MOON

1. Gather your sacred supplies

Consider a ritual to be sacred work. Dedicate a small side table, surface or tray to hold your sacred artifacts. Meaningful pictures, crystals, talismans, found objects are all items that can make up your collection. Just add a candle and you’ve created your ‘sacred altar’.

2. Prepare yourself

An act becomes a ritual due to your dedication to the act itself. Honour the ritual by careful preparation - cleanse yourself either with a bath or shower, or by clearing your energy. Smudging is one way to cleanse your energy field. Light the end of a sage wand and blow on it to extinguish the flame, leaving a smoldering glow. Allow the smoke to take with it any energies that need removing by passing the wand around your own body, and in the space of your ritual. Clear your mind with meditation or calming music.

3. Set Your Intention

The significance of the ritual lies in your intention. What seeds do you want to plant? What do you want to grow? Make a list of your dreams and desires (for inspiration check out the list of New Moon intentions always listed in my monthly MoonCycles email).

4. Finalize the Ritual

If you like you can add a symbolic act like burning your list to send the energy of your message into the Universe or up to the heavens, or simply state your intentions out loud before carefully folding your list and placing it in a box or envelope that you’ll keep with your sacred artifacts. Perhaps you want to keep your list in a visible place, on your fridge or in your wallet.

5. Follow up

Be sure to make notes in your journal about your progress towards manifesting your intentions and, at the next FULL MOON, find ways to ‘TAKE ACTION’ on these intentions and celebrate even the smallest signs of change.

May all your intentions come true!

Access Your Wisdom - A FULL MOON Bedtime Ritual

1. Step into the moonlight (either indoors or out). Bathe yourself in it's glow.  Soak up the rays of the Full Moon.

2. In writing, answer these questions:

What am I the god/goddess of?

What areas of life do I rule?

What is my deepest wisdom?

How can I apply my wisdom more widely?

Who can I share it with?

3. Place your writing in a special place, and surround it with items you love, talismans, crystals, etc.. Light a candle to honour your wisdom. 

4. Before you go to sleep, ask your guides for a dream message on how to more fully step into your power. IMMEDIATELY upon waking, write down what you remember of your dream.  Upon reflection, you will access your wisdom.