The Full Moon is occurring on August 7 2017 at 2:10 pm Eastern Time in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees, which is also a partial lunar eclipse.

This is an extremely powerful Eclipse cycle that we are experiencing this Summer. Eclipses always bring great change to our world, and can shift the energy moving forward for months to come. Eclipses are powerful times for beginnings and endings, whether we can see the eclipses or not.

The Aquarius Full Moon is reminding us to set our focus on our dreams even amidst the issues that rise. This is one of those tests we find so often in life where we need to stay steady even though the world surrounding us is in chaos.

We have been juggling and blending the new and old life threads that overlap as we expand forward. This is a place of putting our attention on the new that we are creating while closing up the doors of the past. This is a call to look at seeing the bigger picture instead of stressing about the details. We need to have faith. Where we put our focus, we see growth and manifestation.

Rebellious Aquarius can help us in areas where we feel trapped, and can aid us in becoming unstuck and moving forward in big ways. This can lead us to face where we are struggling with freedom in our lives, which is being awakened in a big way. We are seeing with fresh eyes where we have been too long tied to old situations, to old ways of thinking, feeling and living.

The time has come to end the patterns that we repeat that don’t serve our growth forward. Let go of patterns of thought, speech and action that are being endlessly repeated and not getting you anywhere. Once we let go of the patterns, there are a myriad paths that are waiting to open. Release what exists in stress, you don’t need it where you are going.

The time has come to drop what sucks the life from your veins.

The Moon is opposed Mars during this Full Moon, and that adds extra intensity to the skies and to the shifts that can come quickly. It can also bring surges of emotion rising to the surface, which we need to see.

The Full Moon tells us that we need to end the battle we have within ourselves, especially where we are fighting being vulnerable and open. The time has come to honor our feelings and to let our guard down when it comes to letting in those we love. This can be a call to deepen trust and open in our intimate relationships, or to let our friends or family into our inner world.

The purpose of life is not to go it alone. Being strong means reaching out and opening when you need. It also means realizing that we are worthy of receiving love.

This is a huge time of illumination when it comes to our feelings being revealed, especially where we have been suppressing or hiding them. Pluto and Neptune are still retrograde, and they are helping much to be brought into the light from unexpressed emotions to secrets. This can be a time of big revelations, so be ready for information that can come out, it can be game-changing.

The Full Moon and the lunar eclipse drop us deep into our emotions. They remind us to not become detached. Feel. Express. Don’t pinch yourself off, build walls, or be aloof. If you want authentic love, the time for holding yourself back from intimacy is over. This can be a place of looking at our fear of involvement and where we are scared to open ourselves.

There is powerful medicine here if we are present with what we need to work through and see fully. We have the power during this eclipse cycle to make big changes, especially in our relationships, both with others and ourselves. Use this energy.

This is an amazing time for problem-solving. Ideas and solutions flow easily during this Moon, and new understanding of ongoing situations is very possible. This new insight can bring unconventional approaches and solutions that are good for all parties involved to the table. As this is a potent time to seek knowledge, it is also a very powerful time for divination.

This Moon tells us to expect the unexpected, as surprises can show up out of the blue, causing shifts to plans or changes to be set into motion. This can cause stress in our relationships. Pay attention to the lessons that are being revealed to you, to the synchronicity that is being shown by the Universe, and to the messages that are coming. This insight can be valuable for the future.

This Moon is showing us ways that we can explore unknown territory and push the limits of our world. This is a good time to be ambitious and set your sights on your own success. The asteroid goddess Vesta is in Virgo, which mirrors this self-focused energy. This can also highlight how we want to be seen by others and be recognized for the talent that we are bringing into the world.

We need to get clear on how we see ourselves first, and make sure that we are appreciating our own medicine and seeing our value. Everyone else will follow, I promise.

Be aware that you are not taken advantage of when partnering with others. Make sure that who you are getting into projects or business with have the same focus as you, otherwise you could wind up doing all the work or being swindled. Watch whom you trust. This Full Moon eclipse is reminding us to not make any rash decisions until we are sure that the information we are receiving is true and not false.

No matter what you are working on or where you find yourself during this Moon, follow your heart’s desire. This is a big theme during this eclipse season, and this Aquarius Full Moon is sandwiched by two Leo New Moons, which are all about following your heart. You have to follow your heart because no one is going to follow it for you.


Its Time To Plant Your Dreams

Mar 2017 - We’re thawing out from winter’s deep freeze, the snow is giving way to fresh green grass, and gray skies are clearing to blue.  ‘Spring Fever’ can be felt everywhere, but don’t jump into spring cleaning with this new energy, instead, harness your enthusiasm and newfound clarity and put it towards real, lasting changes in your life.

Before you tap into spring’s potential, it helps to understand that each season has its own intrinsic energy.  By looking out the window and observing what’s going on in nature throughout the year, you can better harness the different energies of each season.

Spring is the time to set your intentions for the year. 

It’s the time to decide which direction you want to go, and follow it up with a commitment to yourself.  This is where the idea of a New Year’s resolution came from.  Recent studies have shown that 50% of those surveyed, did participate in the New Year's resolution tradition.  It’s worth noting that 46% were successful in manifesting their intentions.  From this, it can be concluded that aligning with the rhythm of mother nature, setting intentions with the support of Spring energy, can help you manifest your desires.

“We trust nature to know what it is doing, but we are not nearly so kind, understanding and trusting of our own rhythms and cycles. It's ridiculous that we are so hard on ourselves. Can we not trust that the very same forces that created the rhythms and cycles of nature created our own? Of course, we can. We often don't, but we can, if we remember.”

- Jeffrey R. Anderson, The Nature of Things - Navigating Everyday Life with Grace

In nature, we trust

Since the beginning of time, nature has cycled; day has always followed night; spring has always followed Winter.  Daily, seasonal, lunar and tidal cycles regulate much of life on Earth. Our bodies are the most obvious link to the natural world.   It’s a system that works and if we can align ourselves to it, we can create a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE too.

But our modern lifestyle often prevents us from living in alignment with nature.  Everything is available to us 24/7.  Harvesting food stores for winter hibernation, scrimping in the spring until the plants start to grow again, frolicking (does anyone use that word anymore?) in the summer sun or spending lazy, hazy days picnicking in the meadow, only evoke nostalgia.  It matters not, that the sun is begging us to take a play day – we get up, go to work and behave much the same way, day in, day out, season to season, but at what cost?  Neuroscientific studies show that misalignment with nature is having a marked impact on our health, exacerbating, for example, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and mental health problems.

Mother Nature to the rescue! 

Spring energy gives us the power to eliminate obstacles.  Just like a shoot coming out of the ground that has the potential to be something big, it starts with vibrant spring energy to push through the darkness, moving forward into the unknown, trusting that it will find light.  That can be you, and if your intent is clear and your commitment firm, you’ll make it!

But what happens if you ignore the energy of spring?  What happens if you start nothing new?  Consider yourself like a dormant seed – full of potential but living the status quo until activated with a clear intention.

‘Manifesting with the Moon’s cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors.’

– Yasmin Boland, author Moonology

Cosmic Support

We have additional support in manifesting our desires every single month too!  The perpetual cycles of the moon are another way to align with nature.   Every New Moon harnesses the energy of new beginnings and anything initiated, or planted, on the days surrounding the New Moon will be met with rapid growth; a business venture, a relationship, a creative project.  You decide.

Once known as New Moon WISHES, we grew and evolved and we realize that the definition of the word WISH doesn’t align with our advanced power to create our own reality.  

To WISH means to 'Feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; to want something that cannot or probably will not happen.'  To INTEND, however, means to 'Have as one's purpose or objective; a plan'.  The word INTENTION assumes the outcome will be attained.

To get the best results from your intentions, follow these guidelines: ‘How to Make New Moon Intentions

Be In The Know

However, be aware that the secret of making NEW MOON INTENTIONS that manifest most easily, lies in knowing which zodiac sign is influencing the current New Moon.  Intentions that are in harmony with the celestial energy that is currently activated in the atmosphere are especially potent.

Current Moon Events

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We're All Lunatics

Feb 2017 -Believe it or not, the moon affects your life.

Life is a series of experiences and patterns that correlate with the patterns of the moon’s cycle.

In nature, the NEW MOON is the time for NEW BEGINNINGS, to plant seeds of intention for what you want to grow in your life. Setting conscious intentions during the energy of the New Moon is a common custom as it is said that, as the moon grows, your intention will too, by the time the moon completes it’s cycle back to New Moon.

First - Some Facts About The Moon's Cycle

The NEW Moon is called the dark moon as it appears dark, or invisible, in the sky.

As the days go by, the sliver of the crescent moon is WAXING, getting larger and larger, until the moon is viewed in it’s entirety as a FULL Moon. Then, it is described as WANING, or decreasing in size in stages until it appears again, the following month, as a dark moon – and the cycle continues.

How The Moon's Cycle Affects Us

This lunar cycle controls the tides because the phase of the moon determines the gravitational pull on water. Women’s menstrual cycle is often aligned to the moon cycle. Less well known, the moon is also linked to the electro-chemistry of the brain. Science has documented more seizures in the already unstable brain chemistry of epileptic patients around the Full Moon. For those of us with more stable brain chemistry, we are still likely to be afflicted with some type of lunacy at this stage of the moon’s cycle.

Can The Moon Affect Your Sleep?

People are starting to relate to the effects of the moon on sleep patterns – finding it harder to get to sleep and remain asleep when the moon is full, whether or not the moonlight is visible from their bed. The most powerful effects of the New and Full moons are during eclipses, so pay attention to your experiences then.