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FENG SHUI changes one, to create a positive shift in the other 

Debra Jones

About Me

I'm Debra Jones.  I've had an interest in Feng Shui and harmonizing the environment since 1999. 

I studied Feng Shui under Master Joseph Yu and began helping a long list of clients, whose lives have been redirected from the path they were on, and realigned with their purpose.


I offer Feng Shui services for home or business, House Sale Optimization & Space Clearing.

I also offer personal Healing at

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FENG SHUI Professional


Endorsed as a Feng Shui Professional by

Feng Shui Expert by Dabster's 2008

Published Author in Think Life by Dr. Lana Marconi

TV Appearance in Feng Shui Life (S1 E2)

My Commitment

To provide a complete and accurate Feng Shui analysis, and to prescribe practical, affordable and effective remedies, so that you may achieve an awareness and an understanding to enrich your life.

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