Mercury Retrograde Apr 9th - May 3rd 2017

It's that time once again. Mercury is traveling retrograde or backwards in motion from Apr 9th to May 3rd, affecting everyone and everything on the planet. This period usually lasts about three weeks and occurs about three times a year.

Since Mercury is the planet that represents communication, a retrograde Mercury usually brings problems and difficulties with communications, vehicles, phone systems, travel, lost luggage, delayed or canceled flights, mail delivery, computers, internet connections, information technology, and contractual agreements.

It can cause delays, setbacks and last-minute changes in plans and arrangements as well as breakdowns of machinery and equipment. The difficulties are for the most part minor, but irritating in nature.

When Mercury is retrograde, people tend to be more thoughtful, contemplative, reflective and meditative. 

Knowledge tends to be absorbed as opposed to learned during this time. It is a far better time to sort things through in your own mind with your "Self" rather than having that overdue "talk" with your partner or friend, since that may lead to miscommunication and not the intended resolution. 

People become slower and more deliberate in their response patterns which is generally a good thing as long as patience is also applied. But this can sometimes create problems in getting your point across. That's why this is not the best time to make important decisions or enter into negotiations or the signing of contracts, agreements or mortgages. It would be better to lure business clients away from the bargaining table and out to a leisurely lunch. Look for that closing handshake May 4th instead.  

We realize business must continue and life still goes on but really important matters that can be postponed should be until towards the end of September. This is no time to start a business or begin a major project. If it doesn't have to get there tomorrow and it doesn't have to be said today, save it.